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SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services (SXMCV) provides access to a suite of safety, security, and convenience features, inclusive of emergency response center support, to millions of vehicles owners across North America.  

We created ACN+ (advanced Automatic Crash Notification with enhanced services), teaming up with RapidSOS to make critical industry enhancements and help raise the standard of vehicle emergency response.  In addition, SXMCV provides support for automatic crash notification, SOS button press, and stolen vehicle recovery assistance.  

While SXMCV is owned by the same parent company as SiriusXM Radio, SXMCV is a separate division of SiriusXM, and connection to SXMCV services requires its own stand-alone subscription.  

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Since its launch in 2020, ACN+ has helped improve emergency dispatch times and accuracy of response by getting 911 and first responders better information, faster. We have created the following training materials to help you and your team better understand how to access and make use of the data provided by ACN+ so we can work together to help save more lives. 


What is ACN+?  


ACN+ provides automated, enhanced safety information, including incident location, vehicle information (VIN, year, make, model, color), crash data (airbags, impacts, occupancy, belt status, speed of impact, and more), and customer data (account owner and phone number) through the RapidSOS emergency response data platform, saving valuable response time. If the customer has a linked MedicAlert account, first responders will also be able to access medical data valuable in an emergency—especially if a driver or passenger is unresponsive. The technology behind ACN+ can also be used to digitally provide vehicle, location, customer and linked MedicAlert account information to 911 with a driver or passenger-initiated SOS emergency button press.

See What's Possible with ACN+

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Real-Life Stories from the Public Safety Community

Members from Henderson County, TN E911 highlight how ACN+ can relieve stress for dispatchers and get first responders in route quicker—especially in more remote areas.

The Northville Township Department of Public Safety and Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority in Michigan share the importance of getting data direct from the vehicle vs waiting on third party intel from vehicles moving past the incident.   


Understanding how SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services and RapidSOS Work Together

Alex Schoeneberger, our Director of Safety and Security Product Management, discusses ACN+ and the connection to RapidSOS.  Learn how access to incident and crash data can enhance response for vehicle emergencies.


Learn how YOU can get BETTER data, FASTER with ACN+


Training Materials

Everything you need to know about how to leverage ACN+ data within the RapidSOS platform.

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Quick Tips

This short overview covers how SiriusXM provides emergency support and shows the types of data you may see provided.


Sample Policy

This is an example of an Emergency Communications Center Policy & Procedure policy optimized for use with ACN+.

See how ACN+ Provides Dispatchers and First Responders with the Data they Need to Help Save Lives


Senior Product Manager Michael Hirsch provides a demonstration on how ACN+ can now digitally send vehicle crash and incident data to 911 agencies across the country—integrating with RapidSOS and other CAD and call handling providers.

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